Y9 Haywood Academy Preference Booklet 2021 

Year 9 Preference Selection Timeline

Throughout January and February

During normal lesson time, subject teachers will be providing information to students about the courses on offer.


9th March 2021 (Tuesday) – Year 9 Preference Assembly

Students will be talked through the preference process and the selection of preferences discussed. Students will then have the opportunity to discuss with their form tutors any individual questions they may have. At this point, the Microsoft form for completion will go live – please note, this is not based on first come, first served and staff will have the overall say on the suitability of a child for a course. The form can be completed as many times as desired, as the final form submitted will be the one used.


9th March 2021 (Tuesday) – Year 9 Virtual Parents’ Evening booking opens

Parents/carers will receive a second letter explaining how to book on to the Parents’ Evening booking system to make appointments with their child’s subject teachers’.


17th March 2021 (Wednesday) – Year 9 Reports go home to parents/carers

Your child’s academic report will be received today, via email.


18th March 2021 (Thursday) – Subject Parents’ Evening and Preference Evening 4pm – 7pm

Students and parents will be able to book virtual appointments with subject staff through the Virtual Parents’ Evening Booking System, to discuss in detail subject specifications and suitability. There will also be a range of videos available for each subject area, to help with the selection process of suitable subjects for your child. Live ‘chat’ sessions will be available through Google Classroom where a subject specialist teacher will be available for individual discussions and to answer specific questions.


25th March 2021 – Final deadline for Y9 Preference selections to be made

Students will be asked to complete their Microsoft form with their final preference choices by this date.


July 2021

Students will be informed of their timetable for Year 10.


Subject specific videos and information explaining each subject’s preference offering, can be found here:


Curriculum Website Link https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/
Art https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/art/
Assessment https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/assessment/
BTEC Enterprise https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/btec-enterprise/
Business Studies https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/business-studies/
Computing and IT https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/computing-and-it/
Curriculum maps and learning journeys https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/curriculum-maps-and-learning-journeys-ks4/
Dance https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/dance/
Drama https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/drama/
Engineering https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/engineering/
English https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/english/
French https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/french/
Geography https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/geography/
Health and Social Care https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/health-and-social-care/
History https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/history/
Hospitality and Catering https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/hospitality-and-catering/
Mathematics https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/mathematics/
Music https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/music/
Photography https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/photography/
Physical Education https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/physical-education/
Product Design https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/product-design/
Religious Education https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/religious-education/
Science https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/science/
Textiles https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/textiles/
Revision Techniques https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/about/curriculum/y10-y11-success-evening-october-2020/
Preference information https://www.haywoodacademy.coop/students/options/



  • The Academy closes to students at 12.30 pm on Friday 17th December and reopens on Wednesday 5th January 2022. Wishing all of our students and their families a lovely festive holiday.

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