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Dear Parents/Carers,


Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the support since March.  When we reflect, our current way of working felt strange at the start for our staff and students, but I am now confident to say that, as a community, we have become very well accustomed to such dramatic  changes.  Google Classroom has been extensively used throughout the school’s partial closure and, with the addition of the online seminars for all students, we can state that we are providing the best possible learning environment for all our young people in the absence of attending school regularly.


To continue these recent leaps forward in the Academy’s online provision and adapting to a modern world in which technology and devices govern how many businesses and working environments function, we are proud to announce our reduced price Chromebook laptop purchase service for current students at Haywood Academy. What we are offering to all students is a chance to purchase a ASUS laptop running Google Chrome on a monthly basis at a cost reduced by over £150


The Chromebooks will be a vital part of our school life and teachers will guide students to use them in and out of lessons developing more resilience and independence in learning. Students will be using them to research topics, develop presentations or digital pieces of work and interact in classes with new digital screens that we are having installed around the school.  Teachers will also direct students to complete homework on the devices using the Google Classroom platform that have been used so well during this lockdown.


The device cost will be spread over 3 years for most students, but students in years 9 and 10 currently will be over a shorter term.  All the details and pricing is available using the following details:


Website –

Username – Haywood20

Password – S3cure02!


You will be able to select your child’s next year group in school and the term you would like to pay over, which will both effect the monthly cost; for most students this will be £12.05 a month.  This includes the device and insurance to fix or replace the device, should it be accidentally damaged.  Once the monthly direct debit has been set up, the devices will be posted to the students at home so they can become familiarised with the device before bringing it to school on the first day back in September.


If you feel you would require some support from the school for these payments, please contact Dr. Bullous by email at  In addition, if you have any further questions regarding the above information, please contact the Academy directly and we will answer any questions you may have.  We will also be sending out support materials for ‘frequently asked questions’ over the next couple of weeks.

For a look at how Chromebooks can be used our academy, please see this video

For a video message from me and a guide to getting your Chromebook, please follow this link


Thank you again and I look forward to seeing all our students in September with their Chromebook


Dr. Bullous

Dr J Bullous

Vice Principal at Haywood Academy  

CLT Director of Science                                 




I am writing to you now to provide some extra guidance and help in answering any questions that have been raised over the last two days.

Price – a number of parents have raised concerns regarding the price of the devices. The reason for this is based on the whole package you will receive, not just the device. The laptop is a high performance device that will come pre-loaded with all the software the students will need for their time with us at Haywood. The price also includes any technical support provided by the IT team at the school and a full 3 year guarantee.  The main advantage I believe is the instant replacement service. If the device becomes broken for whatever reason, the students can come to school and exchange for a new one the same day.  There is an unlimited number of times this facility can be used and so this payment is a 3 year guarantee of a fully functional, high quality laptop device with all the software provided.  There are no additional payments required throughout the contract.


Guarantee, Warranty and Insurance – as suggested above, the devices are fully guaranteed for 3 years and can be instantly replaced should there be any issues.


Software – all software is included in the price; no additional charges will be made for any required software.


Other year groups –  the Chromebook scheme will be available to all students over the coming months; we are rolling the laptops out in stages to ensure we can provide them in a timely manner to all students.


Other devices – a number of parents have asked if their children can use their own devices in school.  We are happy for students to bring their own devices in to school but we will not be able to provide the same level of software and technical support with these devices.  We will also require a £5.00 payment per year per device if students choose to bring in their own. This cost will cover the safeguarding software license that we must upload on the device to ensure it can safely be used in the Academy.  Please also be aware that the students will be responsible for their own devices and should ensure they have adequate insurance to cover their use on school.  Haywood Academy cannot be held accountable for any damage to these devices.

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