DfE Character Award Winner 2015

The DfE has announced that Haywood Academy is only 1 of 27 schools in the country to receive this award.  The DfE says that teachers at Haywood Academy are committed to supporting character building activities and closely monitor student’s commitment to progress.

Below is the article featured in the Sentinel on 3rd March 2015…

PUPILS are celebrating after their school won a national award from the  Government for its character-building activities.

Haywood Academy, in Burslem, offers a vast array of opportunities for young  people to develop traits such as self-discipline, perseverance and respect for  others.

It has included piloting cadetships with both Steelite and Staffordshire Fire  and Rescue Service to get students to work on challenges and learn practical  skills.

 Staff also give pupils individual marks in every lesson for their effort and  progress to help spur them on. These marks feed into a rewards system, with  treats including bringing an ice rink and circus to the school for the day.

Now Haywood has been named as one of just 27 schools in England to pick up a  Character Award.

Pupils will be decide ing how to spend their £15,000 prize, which will go  towards other projects to improve life at the school.

 Executive headteacher Carl Ward said: “I’m really pleased that the Government  has started to recognise character-building as being so important. There are  many other schools that deserve to get this kind of recognition.

“For us, it runs right through the school. You need to encourage children to  feel like they are going to be valued.”

 Other activities have included bringing in motivational speakers, such as  ex-Arsenal Football Club vice-chairman David Dein.

There is also a regular programme of events linked to personal, social and  health education, with sessions on first aid and the dangers of drink and  drugs.

 Nadia Moyo has also been developing student leadership skills.

The 14-year-old, from Chell Heath, said: “We go into a primary school once a  week to run dance, football and multi-skills activities for the pupils.

 “When you are teaching someone, it builds your own confidence.”

Fellow Haywood student Christian Bailey is living proof of the impact  character education can have on a young person.

 The 15-year-old, from Tunstall, said: “When I first started at the school I  didn’t really do anything. But after that first week, I was involved in so much  that I was here from 7am to 7pm.

“I’d never played a musical instrument before Year 7. Now I play practically  every instrument going.”

 His musical talents came in handy when he acted as a bugler at a Remembrance  Day service last November.

Christian and several friends had also decided to mark the centenary of the  start of the First World War by making 100 poppies and crosses in their own  time.

 “It was the pride of knowing that we’d done something. Most people say they  will do things, but we stuck to it,” he said.

Announcing the award winners, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said they were  ‘leading the way’.

 She added: “Teaching character not only benefits children at school, it also  plays a vital role in ensuring young people leave school prepared for life in  modern Britain.”

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