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With numbers on roll of over 1000 students, we continue (and have done for some years now) to be an oversubscribed school, which is a popular choice with parents. We are the second largest school in the city, the largest being an amalgamation of two other schools. Other local schools have far fewer numbers of 553 and 638.

May 2002: The school was given the role, after a successful bid, of hosting one of two City Learning Centres from May 2002 as part of the Excellence in Cities initiative.

September 2003: Specialist Engineering College.

The changes that have occurred since becoming a Specialist Engineering School have been improved teaching and student achievement in the specialist subjects, especially Product Design, Science and Engineering. Our Specialism has enhanced our Primary links and Community links. We have become a Centre of Excellence in Engineering for other local secondary schools.

May 2005: We became one of the 17 core Creative Partnerships schools in the LA in May 2005 and became 1 of only 5 secondary schools within the Creative Partnership Change School programme in 2008.

The Head teacher, Creative Partnerships Coordinator and students have showcased our programmes at local and national events. This was because of our Aiming Higher Project which combines the development of the student voice and BSF plans. As a result of this project our students have participated in local BSF conferences and DfES advocacy events. As a core Creative Partnerships school we are further open to opportunities. Two key whole staff INSETs, Future Schools Future Learning and Igniting Minds using Creative Partnership’s strategies means creativity has permeated much of the school systems, and enthused and invigorated staff. We participated in a joint QCA/Creative Partnerships curriculum project that placed creativity at the heart of teaching and learning. Staff have always been keen to be involved in a large number of local and national initiatives. We were the subject of a successful Ofsted Creative Learning Survey Inspection in November 2008 and the school features in the Creative Partnership DVD used for national and regional showcases.

Ofsted Inspection May 2007:

“The presence of the City Learning Centre on site powerfully adds to the school’s position as a centre of learning that is seeking to develop curricula to suit the whole community”.Following the end of national funding the CLC which contains the school’s community library and resources centre has now become integrated into the school as part of BSF remodelling. It serves as a community centre and star centre for the latest ICT developments.

September 2007: We became a self-governing Foundation School.

Greater freedom allowed the development of a unique, confident school with a distinctive ethos working to help regenerate the Burslem community at a time when schools in the area were being restructured. This helped empower the whole community by empowering the governors and Head teacher to take more control of their own destiny, led by a new Chair and Vice Chair of Governors.

Autumn 2009: BSF Sample (School remodelling)

Haywood was chosen in Autumn 2009 to be a sample school for the city in the BSF Outline Business Case sent to Partnership for Schools, because of its forward thinking and readiness and ability to deal with change, with a strong vision for the future. Building work was fully completed in June 2012. We now have state of the art Science labs, performance studios, a four-court sports hall, and 3 large open learning zones.

September 2011: A Converter Academy

In September 2011 the school applied to be a Converter Academy. Due to PFI issues beyond its control the school did not convert until August 2012.

Ofsted Inspection 2012:

“The Engineering specialism is used well to promote the functional use of mathematical and scientific skills through cross-curricular projects.

September 2013: Cooperative Academy.

In September 2013 the school became part of the Schools Cooperative Society and changed its status to a Cooperative Academy.


Throughout the years, our Awards have included; Healthy Schools Award, Investors in People Award, Sportsmark, Artsmark Gold, ECO schools, Young Enterprise Silver, BME School of the Year/PARINS, Anti-Racist Award, Human Rights, Intergenerational Mentoring, Healthcare & E-mentoring, Peer Mentoring, various Princess Diana Memorial Awards, NCSL Head teacher training (LFTM, Leadership Pathways), Sentinel Class Act Award, Rolls Royce Science 2010 National final, National Aimhigher, IAG Quality Mark, SSAT School Improvement Awards 2008 – 2010, 2011 SSAT Cultural Diversity Quality Gold Award and International Schools Award 2011.

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  • Strong and trusting relationships consistently create a calm and purposeful working atmosphere.


  • Students have access to a wide range of exciting resources and learn specific skills through well-paced and sequenced activities.


  • Behaviour around the school is consistently orderly and students are polite and helpful.


  • Without a doubt, my time at Haywood firmly placed me on the path to Oxford.

    Jordan Williamson, Trinity College, Oxford