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PSHE, SMSC and British Values

The promotion of SMSC and British values is key and Haywood Academy strongly believes that these values underpin the personal development of the all students. SMSC and British values are promoted in a variety of different ways including:

  • PSHE Days
  • Social enterprise including charity work
  • Tutor time and the assembly programme
  • Wider school curriculum
  • Student Responsibility – Student Parliament
  • Careers and enterprise education
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Study trips and visits

The PSHE curriculum includes distinct units which promote the British values which aim to enrich personal development of all students.

Promotion of British Values

Alongside the social, moral, cultural and social development of students, Haywood Academy constantly strives to promote the values that underpin British society which ensure students are prepared to be effective and responsible citizens who have the qualities and attributes students need to thrive as individuals as well as members of society. These values are demonstrated across the everyday curriculum as well as wider academy life and the aspects of British values include:

  1. Equality and Respect
  2. Democracy and the Rule of Law
  3. Tolerance
  4. Rights and Responsibilities
  5. Citizenship and community

Being Safe Online Overview
British Values Overview
Careers Overview
Drugs and Alcohol Overview
Finance Education Overview
Physical Health Overview
PSHE Curriculum Overview
Sexual Education Overview
Sixth Form Overview

British Values Policy
Charities Policy
Community Cohesion
Race Equality Policy

13th March Final with Sixth Form
PSHE Day – Why and What 13.03 
PSHE Day – Why and What 15.05
PSHE Day – Why and What
PSHE Structure

PSHE Students

Student Parliament and British Values
EU Referendum (vote)
General Election 2017 You Decide 2
General Election Result
Haywood Academy Student Parliament Overview
Holocaust Memorial Day
Parliament Results
PSHE & British Values Assembly
Remembrance Assembly 2016
Tutor Time Remembrance Day 2016


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