Pastoral Care

Our aim at Haywood Academy, working alongside students, parents/carers and our community, is to help students to become outstanding and effective citizens; and, to make responsible, appropriate and healthy choices in all things.  The academy places great emphasis on pastoral care, and we do our utmost to look after every student. We take a holistic approach to our students’ development, helping them to attain, not only academic success, but also self-confidence and respect for others to become valued members of society. The strong foundations we uphold for student support are underpinned by our ARCH values: Aspire, Respect, Community and Hard work. These are the values which we strongly believe will help all of our students to become excellent citizens within their local community and beyond.

Our concern for student wellbeing begins with the transition process. The move from primary to secondary education is a big step for all students and we take great care to ensure that it is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Our students are placed in a tutor group within their academic year. They meet with their form tutor every day for 25 minutes. The crucial focus of our pastoral strategy is to promote excellent relationships between teachers, support staff, our students and parents. With this in mind, the form tutor will make regular contact with parents and carers during the school year to discuss the personal development and welfare of their children. In addition, each year group is supported by an Inclusion Manager and is led by a Performance Leader.

For us, the ‘together’ is absolutely critical; collaboration, cooperation and teamwork are essential for developing the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary for academic and personal excellence. As well as the drive to achieve academically, the ability to self-regulate, to communicate clearly with others, to know and be proud of who you are, to be compassionate to others and to be ambitious for yourself and others are equally important.  

To equip students with appropriate knowledge and understanding of the moral, social and emotional issues affecting young people today, our curriculum includes a comprehensive PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) programme that runs throughout all school years.

The fortnightly sessions are designed to foster student’s respect for themselves and others; promote equality and values difference; educate student’s about positive relationships; and help them understand how their actions can impact on their health, wellbeing and safety.

Central to the pastoral care plan, is the need to maintain all children in full time education and ensure they have access to a broad and varied curriculum. This is vital, not just for students and their families, but also the wider community. In addition, the school has established an alternative provision process and runs a number of effective interventions via our Inclusion Hub.

For any additional information regarding the pastoral care programme within Haywood Academy please contact your child’s form tutor.

  • The Academy closes to students at 12.30 pm on Friday 17th December and reopens on Wednesday 5th January 2022. Wishing all of our students and their families a lovely festive holiday.

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  • Strong and trusting relationships consistently create a calm and purposeful working atmosphere.


  • Students have access to a wide range of exciting resources and learn specific skills through well-paced and sequenced activities.


  • Behaviour around the school is consistently orderly and students are polite and helpful.


  • Without a doubt, my time at Haywood firmly placed me on the path to Oxford.

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