Teaching and Learning

The consistent face of Teaching and Learning at Haywood Academy

Teaching and Learning Priorities 2016-2017

Teaching and Learning ‘non-negotiables’ 2016-2017


Aims and Mission Statement

The Academy strives to create a motivating environment in order to encourage positive and creative relationships between staff, students, parents and the wider community and to stimulate the highest possible standards. We want our students to leave us academically well qualified, confident and caring about the world in which they live.

“Learning Keeps Us Motivated”

All teachers at Haywood have a learning and teaching toolkit, consisting of practical strategies developed through our commitment to keeping up to date with the latest research and studies in educational pedagogy, then adapting and applying the

Valuing Staff Voice

 “Teaching and Learning at Haywood is a staff priority.”

“Teaching and Learning is active and inclusive.”

“I have been teaching for 20 years, but I am always looking to try a different way of engaging students.”

“The learning community has enabled us to establish an environment where concepts and ideas are shared and discussed in a relaxed environment. I have been able to pick up new strategies and have the support of others to implement them.”

“I couldn’t have dreamed of starting my teaching career in a more supportive and forward looking environment.”

Valuing Student Voice

 “At Haywood, teachers challenge you, but there are always strategies for support when you are in “The Pit”.”

“I love being able to choose the activity that is most challenging for me.”

“Being able to get out of your seat and share ideas when we do ‘Mix Pair Share’ or ‘Chocolate Bar’ is fun, but really helps me to develop my thoughts.”

“The work is interesting and every lesson is different.”

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  • Strong and trusting relationships consistently create a calm and purposeful working atmosphere.


  • Students have access to a wide range of exciting resources and learn specific skills through well-paced and sequenced activities.


  • Behaviour around the school is consistently orderly and students are polite and helpful.


  • Without a doubt, my time at Haywood firmly placed me on the path to Oxford.

    Jordan Williamson, Trinity College, Oxford