Music Careers

Music Department at Haywood Academy


Music Careers

Skills covered


  • Group work/teamwork skills
  • Improvisation skills
  • Independence skills
  • Composition skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Instrumental skills
  • Correct use of equipment
  • Expressive skills

Theory content

  • Notation
  • Rhythm
  • The Elements of Music (tempo, pitch, texture, timbre, dynamics)
  • Reading TAB
  • Reading musical clefs
  • Use of motif in music
  • Production content
  • Composition content


Music Appraising

  • Analysis of music
  • Listening to music


BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice


Component 1: Exploring Music Productsand Styles

Learners will explore the techniques used in the creation of different musical products and investigate the key features of different musical styles and genres.


This will be 30% of your overall grade.


Component 2: Music skills development

Learners will have the opportunity to develop two musical disciplines through engagement in practical tasks, while documenting their progress and planning for further improvement.


This will be 30% of your overall grade.


Component 3: Responding to Commercial Brief

Learners will be given the opportunity to develop and present music in response to a given commercial music brief. ​

This will be 40% of your overall grade.


Extra-Curricular activities at Haywood


Music Extra-curricular activities 2020-2021  
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1          
Period 2


Tutor time          


    KS3 Rock band


KS4 Rock band


Period 3          
Period 4          
Period 5          
Period 6 (after school)


  Young Notes (choir)   Ukulele club (Week B) Music Technology Club


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