What skills will I learn?

  • Speaking- Develop your confidence speaking in groups in both English and German and hold conversations in German.
  • Listening- Identify and understand key points from spoken conversations.
  • Reading- You will be able to read authentic German texts including extracts from novels and classics.
  • Writing- Create a range of genres from blogs to short essays in German.
  • Translating- Switch confidently between languages.

Using Technology To Learn A Language

There are many useful websites and apps that pupils can use to improve their language learning. The following are all free to use:

  • BBC Bitesize

Are you passionate about languages and music? is a free music website which acts as a gap fill listening task. Simply set your language to French, listen to the song and decide what the missing word is. Especially great  practice for KS4 Higher pupils!

Explore Germany Virtually:

Take a virtual Tour over Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany:

Take a tour of one of Germany’s most famous museums:

Take a virtual tour and discover Berlin, Germany’s capital:

Further Useful Links:

10 Good Reasons to Learn German:


Top 10 tips for learning German

Ways to immerse yourself in a language

Secrets of a successful language learner

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