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What skills will I learn? 

Speaking- Develop your confidence speaking in groups in both English and French and hold conversations in French.

Listening- Identify and understand key points from spoken conversations.

Reading- You will be able to read authentic French texts including extracts from novels and classics.

Writing- Create a range of genres from blogs to short essays in French.

Translating- Switch confidently between languages.



There are many useful websites and apps that students can use to improve their language learning. The following are all free to use:

BBC Bitesize

Are you passionate about Languages and Music? is a free music website which acts as a gap to fill a listening task.

Simply set your language to French, listen to the song and decide what the missing word is.

Especially great practice for KS4 Higher pupils!


Take a tour of the Palace of Versailles: https://Palace of Versailles

Pretend you’re skiing and enjoy Mont Blanc:

https://Skiing on Mont Blanc

Get a breath-taking view from the Eiffel Tower:

https://Eiffel Tower – Take a look!

Join a virtual tour of the famous Louvre museum:

https://Louvre Museum


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  • Students have access to a wide range of exciting resources and learn specific skills through well-paced and sequenced activities.


  • Behaviour around the school is consistently orderly and students are polite and helpful.


  • Without a doubt, my time at Haywood firmly placed me on the path to Oxford.

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